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You can search within the data base for authors, keywords, year of publication, publishing houses, etc. It is not necessary to input terms completely as the search function supports fragmentary input, e.g. search Submodalities, input: subm, or search Swish, input: Sw.


Some sample patterns.

 Pattern What does it match?
el The string 'el': Adele, elegant, Element, viel, Ziel, el
^el 'el' at beginning of line: elegant, Element
el$ 'el' at end of line: viel, Ziel
^el$ 'el' as the only word on line: el
the only word Group words: 'the only word'.
the|only|word One of the words 'the', or 'only', or 'word'.
bug* Match zero or more preceding: bug, bugs, bugsieren
F*e Match zero or more preceding: Friede, Freude, Fliege
h?cker Match zero or one preceding: hacker, hcker
1.-08-99 Match any character: 10-08-99, 11-08-99, 12-08-99
Compan(y|ies) Company, or Companies
 Pattern What does it match?


As the examples have shown you do not have to pay attention to the usage of upper or lower case letters.

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