The Nano Tech Power Deck

The Aim of the Game

Dear Player,
This is a computer version of the Nano Tech Power Deck card game, which was developed by the Copenhagen group of the European Institute for NLP (one of the oldest and most select NLP bodies in Europe). The 'real' game, that is the physical card game, consists of a set of large, Belgina made, top quality playing cards, and comes in a nice smelling mahogany-and-cedar box. Playing the actual card game can add a lot of emotional power to a Nano Tech game.You can order your own personal Deck from ( ).

Your Nano Tech Power Deck will help you, each time in a new and different way:

    *   to achieve important goals;
    *   to solve difficult problems;
    *   to develop your personal strengths;
    *   to overcome personal weaknesses;
    *   to obtain unexpected advice;
    *   to relate in a new way to friends and acquaintances..

The Deck will help you develop your thinking and your feelings in a way that supports happiness and success for you and for the systems you are part of.

What Kind of Game is This?

This game is serious fun! It is an easy, entertaining way to utilize the modern psychological techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), combined with the old principles of the oracle, as they were passed on to us from Greek, Celtic and Germanic civilizations.

What does 'Nano' Mean?

'Nano' means 'very small'. A nanosecond for instance, is one billionth of a second. The word Nano Tech refers to a very small technique. A Nano Technique only takes a few minutes to complete or to repeat.

Playing with Others or Playing Alone

You can play either by yourself or with other people. When you play the game with other people, the others give support and advice, while you describe your experiences. You draw the cards and one of them reads them to you out loud. ( ... ) When you are playing alone, just read the cards and instructions for yourself.


Playing the Nano Tech game with other players may lead you to reveal information of a personal nature that you would not have revealed in the course of an ordinary conversation.

May the Deck release your Wisdom, Power and Compassion.
Happy Gaming!

Jaap Hollander

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